Test Your Connection


To check the likely quality of your viewing experience, please head to www.speedtest.net. If your download speed is less than 1mbps, then we recommend during the broadcast you select the lowest picture quality available. Please see below how to do this:

Vimeo defaults to auto, so it will adjust its quality based on your bandwidth at any given moment while you’re watching – it typically starts at a slightly lower resolution while it ‘warms up’, then rises up to 720p in a few seconds as long as your connection is strong enough. If you do have a momentary drop in bandwidth mid-watch it would spike down to a lower quality briefly then return to 720p when more stable again.

You can force it to stay at a constant resolution, e.g. force it to 720p constantly, but if your bandwidth dropped it would mean the video would be forced to buffer and stutter to maintain 720p rather than being able to drop in quality to keep it rolling without buffering.

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